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The Barn

Ralf Rüller
Schönhauser Allee 8
10119 Mitte





Über uns

We are one of the leading Specialty Coffee Roasters in Germany. Famously known for our uncompromised approach to quality. Our coffee beans are used by many leading coffeeshops and home brewers across the globe. Roasting to perfection we only work with highest quality coffee beans, fresh in season. In our two coffeeshops we showcase our coffees with a focused menu and in an environment that breakes with old habits of cosy commodity coffeeshops. To move away from a wide product range and to concentrate on what we are best at. In principle THE BARN never blends any coffees and pays premium prices to farmers so that they can establish a sustainable business.

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We love working with quality coffeeshops, great food concepts, hospitality or offices across the globe. Please get in touch with us on

Our coffee menu offers a range of espresso drinks and handbrewed filter coffees. All coffees are made to order. Filter coffees are only served black. For espresso-based milk drinks we use bio-dynamic milk that is delivered fresh from cow to you. Sandwiches and cakes are all handmade. Fresh juices and fantastic teas are available.

THE BARN Roastery
Our Roastery operates an iconic Brew Bar to showcase different brew techniques. Our menu has a focus on our purest coffee drinks. Our baristas will guide you through our offerings and happily share their knowledge with you.

Freshly roasted coffee beans and brewing equipment are available. Some light and homemade food options can be ordered with your coffee.

We aim to reduce every distraction from your coffee enjoyment to the max – to enable the purest and highest quality coffee experience possible.

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